Business Consulting & Coaching

Instigator, individualist, polarizer, doer

“You have really the courage to do something!” told a psychologist after an assessment center to her. For although she worked in a business with safe and comfortable job with a good salary, she broke away from the system. Now she is here to offer her creative performance to your company. Her experience from an affected industry who is on the way from a traditional business to a digital transformation. She has witnessed the up and downs in this business and she managed it successfully. The world is her home, where her local and international experience has influenced her methods. So her methods are not only textbook knowledge.

Success is having the skills you need right now.

Henry Ford


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Project Management


  • E-infach
  • R-elevant
  • F-ortschrittlich
  • O-riginell
  • L-eicht
  • G-laubwürdig


  • Simple
  • Relevant
  • Progressive
  • Original
  • Easy
  • Authentic
»Anybody can do normal – and usually normal is boring. Not everyone has vision and the courage to make it a reality.«
»Moving is her passion – sport, in her head, what she does and in all her business activities.«

»Different from others but still focused.«