Exclusive workshops and seminars in VR

more sustainable, intensive and interactive

“What’s special about virtual reality is that it feels like you’re actually in a different place with different people. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.” – Mark Zuckerberg

New Leadership – the leadership personality everyone wishes for “from neuroleadership to how do I inspire Generation Z?”

“Style is what you do differently while everyone else is doing the same thing.” – Carolina Herrera

This seminar is designed for those who want new inspiration for their everyday leadership and want to try new ways.

  • You will learn what values and needs Generation Z actually has and how you can manage to attract and retain this generation as employees.
  • After the seminar, you will know what neurobiology can do for employee leadership.
  • You will receive 7 modern leadership hacks on how to make your team stronger in uncertain times with your own time pressure.
  • As a bonus, you will further develop your own strategy for your leadership position.

Be one of the winners with the right change – how to actively win people over for change

“We have enough critics. What our time needs are people who encourage.” – Konrad Adenauer

Small and large changes accompany our everyday work and constantly present us with new challenges.

  • You will learn how change is easy and how you can successfully shape change.
  • You will understand your behavior and the behavior of others in change processes.
  • You will recognize resistance and be able to deal with it in the best possible way.
  • You learn how to lead your employees professionally through the change process.

Resilience for companies, your teams or for you personally – “the resilience that secures your existence tomorrow, no matter what crises come your way.”

“You have a head start in life who tackles where others first talk.” – John F. Kennedy

What entrepreneur doesn’t want to grow and keep their company on track for success in the long run?! No matter what challenges exist or might arise internally and externally.

  • You will learn what the ISO 22316 standard means by resilient organizations.
  • You will get an analysis of how resilient your company, your team or you personally currently are.
  • You will receive valuable ideas on how to strengthen the factors that are useful for optimizing resilience.
  • You’ll develop a customized master plan for measurable improvements in resilience to emerge stronger in and out of any crisis.
  • Resilience supports your mental health and/ or the health of your organization.

Rock your sales – your hacks for your own personal success story

“To be irreplaceable, you must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

Selling with personality brings back the customer, not the product. Let your personality shine! How confident and poised do you appear? What is happening around us and how does the sales of the future work?

  • You will learn neurobiological skills that will ensure success and fun in sales.
  • You will get impulses on how to present yourself and your business in a great way offline and online.
  • You will learn how to become or remain number 1 with your customers.
  • You will receive 5 tried and tested approaches on how to confidently deal with customer resistance and complaints and get the sack.

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